10 inch Slim Slayer Porcelain Blade

Supreme Turbo style Diamond Blades are designed for fast, aggressive Porcelain Tile Cutting and Granite Tile Cutting. If you have been having problems Cutting Porcelain Tile, this Diamond Saw Blade is the answer. These Diamond Saw Blades will make your job easier and save you money at the same time.

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14 Inch Dry Supreme Masonry Blade - Mega Rim

These 14" laser welded segmented blades are Made by Diamante Italia. They are combination blades made for cutting brick, block or concrete on either a high speed saw or a brick saw. These blades feature a segment that is .125" thick, and with more diamond than other 14" masonry blades - that's why this is our SUPREME! These are high quality and long life blades - in fact, they are the best combination blade we carry!

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MK101 Tile Saw Package

This is a complete package that includes the saw, the pump, a 10" MK HotDog blade, a large rip guide, a 45 degree miter guide, a 90 degree protractor, a 45 degree flat angle guide, a dressing stick, a side extension table for working with the really large tiles and of course the folding saw stand with casters. Just put it together, put water in the tray and plug it in!


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